Ticket Prices

Online Only Ticket Prices:

Please see our ticket prices below. Prices change seasonally. For more information, visit ‘Book now’ for the future calendar.

TicketDay Tickets - Online Price OnlyDay Tickets - On The Day
Under 95cmFREEFREE
Annual Pass HolderFREEFREE
Toddler 95cm - 108cm£14.95£16.95
Child 108cm +£17.95£19.95
Wheelchair User£14.95£16.95

Disability Day Ticket/Wheelchair guest charged at the appropriate full rate and includes one free carer/helper at the ratio of 1:1 on the production of one of the following: DLA or PIP (dated within the last 12 months). Additional carers will be charged at the full admission rate.

Please show the relevant paperwork at the ticket kiosk when you buy or collect your ticket. Unfortunately, we will not be able to issue carers tickets without seeing the above documentation.

Pricing correct at time of publishing, we reserve the right to alter or change pricing at anytime.

Please note: Wheelgate Park does not admit all single adult parties, you need children to enter the park.

Annual Passes:

Wheelgate Annual PassCombined Annual Pass
Child 108cm +£59.95£89.95
Toddler 95cm - 108cm£49.95£74.95
Senior £49.95£74.95
Special Needs£49.95*£74.95*
Wheelchair User£49.95*£74.95*

*Eligibility documentation required upon entry to receive Special Needs Annual Pass. Special Needs/Disabled Annual Pass does not include a carer.

Annual Passes give you 12 months of incredible fantastic family fun. Unlimited visits, unlimited rides, slides and splashtastic fun with our all inclusive water park – The best value Annual Pass in The Midlands guaranteed! For full terms and restrictions when using annual passes


At Wheelgate Park our guests’ safety is paramount and we strive to create a safe environment in which our guests can enjoy everything The Park has to offer. These Terms set out how you can help us to keep The Park a safe and family friendly attraction. 

The following definitions shall apply in these Terms:

  • Terms” means these Terms and Conditions Of Entry
  • us/The Park/we“: Wheelgate Park, company registered number 6329210. Wheelgate is the registered trading name of Three Posts Leisure Parks Ltd. whose registered company office is: Three Posts Leisure Parks Ltd., Ruby Farm, Blackawton, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 7BN.
  • you/your“: guests at The Park. 


  • By purchasing or using a ticket, you agree to comply with these Terms. Failure to comply with these Terms may result in your removal from The Park without refund.
  • We have the right to vary these Terms at any time without prior notice.
  • At all times whilst at The Park you agree that you shall behave in a safe manner and you must comply with all reasonable instructions given to you by The Park’s personnel or any third party instructed on The Park’s behalf.
  • You shall take all reasonable steps, taking into account any medical conditions or any other relevant factors, to ensure your own safety whilst at The Park. Any person who does not comply with these Terms may be removed from The Park without any right to a refund. This is without prejudice to any claim that The Park may have against you. 
  • No persons are authorised to sell any items at The Park (including the entrance area, car parks and/or driveways) without the prior approval of The Parks.


  • To enter the Park you must hold a valid ticket which has been obtained from us, the Park’s website or a third party authorised by us to sell tickets. The sale of tickets by any person other than The Park or an authorised agent is prohibited. Tickets are non-transferable and cannot be resold. Any such transfer resale will render such tickets void.
  • Tickets may either be a Day Ticket (allowing entry for a sole days use as stated on such ticket) and/or an ‘Annual Pass’ ticket (allowing entry during the specified date period stated at the time of purchase). Annual Passes are subject to these Terms and additional terms and conditions which can be found here: https://www.wheelgatepark.com/annual-pass-terms-conditions/.
  • You acknowledge and agree that when we process your ticket order we may collect and retain information about you (e.g. contact details, bank account details etc.) and we may need to pass such information to third parties. We will only use your details in accordance with our Privacy Policy [insert link] a copy of which can be found on our website.
  • The Park can at its absolute discretion decide whether a ticket can be exchanged or refunded. For the avoidance of doubt if you have purchased a pre-booked ticket(s) and entrance to The Park is refused for any reason, your pre-booked ticket(s) is non-refundable.
  • Day tickets are only valid on the date printed on the ticket unless you purchase an ‘open-dated’ ticket which can be used at any time, subject to the terms provided on purchase. If you purchase an open ticket in advance, this does not guarantee entrance to The Park on any particular date, entry may be restricted due to:
    • full capacity; or
    • special events occurring.
  • Please check The Park’s operating calendar for opening times and dates.
  • Entry to a special event at The Park may have a separate fee.
  • When you book your ticket(s) online, these will be delivered as per The Parks delivery procedure at the time of purchase (via email by default).
  • When you buy tickets on behalf of any other individual you shall:
    • accept these Terms on behalf of those individuals; and
    • ensure that those individuals comply with these Terms.
  • If you need to exit and renter the Park at any time during our visit please ensure that you obtain a hand-stamp prior to exiting the Park.
  • Please retain your tickets whilst in the Park and make these available for inspection if required.   
  • School Tickets – School tickets can only be used as part of a school trip and cannot be used at any other time. Free teacher tickets can only be used as part of the school trip they were originally booked for and cannot be used for personal use or at any other time. School tickets and free teacher tickets are non-refundable. The age restrictions on school tickets must be adhered to.
  • Disabled Guests and Carers – Guests who provide proof of disability to the admissions team on arrival, such as,DLA or PIP entitlement, (“Disabled Guests“) will receive a free carer ticket for a carer who is 16 years or older (“Carer Ticket“).
  • Carer Tickets are issued solely at The Parks’ discretion and cannot be obtained online or over the phone. Carer Tickets may only be used by the designated carer when accompanying the Disabled Guest. Misuse of a Carer Ticket will result in both the Carer Ticket and the relevant Disabled Guest’s day pass being revoked without compensation.
  • Disabled Guests are entitled to discounted rates for annual passes and as such annual pass holders are not entitled to Carer Tickets.
  • Where a Disabled Guest provides evidence of a disability in accordance with these Terms or the Annual Pass Terms, the Disabled Guest acknowledges that The Park will be processing special category personal data (i.e. health information regarding a disability or impairment). The Disabled Guest agrees that, to the extent that he/she has provided The Park with special category personal data, he/she provided it deliberately and voluntarily. The Disabled Guest also expressly consents that The Park may use the special category personal data in order to perform its obligations under these Terms to enable the Disabled Guest to obtain a Carer Ticket/discounted rate Annual Pass and to verify the Disabled Guest’s disability status. The Park shall seek to minimise the collection and use of such special category personal data.
  • Father’s Day 50% Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th June 2021: This year to celebrate Father’s Day we are offering all Dad’s 50% of their full price adult or child over 108cms/senior/adult or child over 108cms with a disability ticket by using ‘WGDADS’ discount code (only one per booking).  Any ticket that would have been valid for this promotion but was purchased before 16:02pm on Tuesday 15th June will be credited with a gift voucher to spend in the park that day for the value of 50% of the eligible ticket. Wheelgate Park resevers the right to refuse gift cards being handed out if the booking was made after 16:02pm on Tuesday 15th June 2021. 


  • Children aged 17 years and under must be accompanied by an adult (aged 18 years +) to comply with health and safety regulations.
  • Any groups must include at least one child (up to the age of 14 years inclusive) and at least one adult (aged 18 years +).
  • Other than where expressly provided in these Terms, no exclusively adult parties (aged 18 years +) are admitted into The Park (e.g. adults cannot enter without children (up to the age of 14 years inclusive). This is a management decision to ensure we protect the family nature and ethos of The Park and its guests. 
  • Different age restrictions apply for events outside of the normal daytime operation of The Park (including but not limited to UK Escape Games).
  • The Park is entitled in its absolute discretion to alter the age restrictions in the interest of health and safety, or for any other reason.


  • Annual Pass holders MUST comply with these Terms and are also subject to additional terms and conditions. The additional Annual Pass additional terms and conditions can be found here: https://www.wheelgatepark.com/annual-pass-terms-conditions/ 


  • Guests are reminded that this is a family friendly attraction. You must wear appropriate clothing at all times when visiting The Park (for the avoidance of doubt this must include a top and shoes). If it is deemed that the clothing you are wearing may cause offence to other Guests (e.g. it is inappropriate or indecent), you may not be allowed to enter The Park or will be removed from The Park without a refund.  Please be aware that certain items of clothing or footwear may prohibit you from using particular rides for health and safety reasons.
  • Shoes must be worn when entering The Park and on all rides and attractions that require shoes to be worn. The Park is not responsible for any shoes left when entering our indoor play areas or outdoor attractions that require you to remove shoes and do not accept any liability for lost or damaged shoes that are left.
  • Bags and other items cannot be taken onto rides and limitations are in place on what can be left in the ride platform areas due to safety and trip hazards, please adhere to signage and operators instructions at all times
  • Height, weight or age restrictions may apply to rides and attractions. Certain rides may use lighting effects, strobe lighting or flashing lights. Our ride operators cannot bend the rules under any circumstance.
  • Wheelchairs and pushchairs are the only transport devices that are permitted in The Park. Due to health and safety reasons we cannot permit bicycles, roller-blades, Sedgways or any other similar devices.
  • The following behaviour is not permitted in The Park:
    • any behaviour or unnecessary noise which may cause a nuisance, concern or confusion to any other guest; or
    • any smoking (which includes the use of e-cigarettes or similar devices) other than in the designated smoking areas.
  • Our staff are to be treated with courtesy and respect. Any person(s) failing to comply with this rule will be refused entry and/or removed from the park without compensation.


  • The Park offers family based experiences which attract children and young people. We are committed to creating an environment which ensures all children can enjoy themselves in a safe and secure environment that prevents children being at risk from any form of harm or abuse.


  • Any items or property brought into The Park by you are done so at your own risk and The Park accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to any such property. We recommend that you do not bring valuables to The Park.
  • Please be aware that we may operate CCTV cameras in The Park for security purposes, but we make no guarantees as to the extent of CCTV coverage.
  • You are prohibited from bringing in to The Park any offensive or dangerous items including but not limited to:
    • weapons;
    • explosives including fireworks;
    • glass bottle or other vessels; or 
    • any other articles which could cause injury to any person or property.
  • You are admitted and allowed entry to The Park subject to the condition that if you are requested to do so you will allow and co-operate with members of staff to search you/your belongings to prevent any offensive or dangerous items being brought into The Park 
  • If you are found to be in possession of any item which is deemed to be offensive and/or dangerous, or you act in any way which is offensive or dangerous (including throwing any article which could cause injury to any person or property) you will immediately be removed from The Park, with no right to a refund. The Park may also report such instances to the relevant authority.
  • YOU ARE NOT permitted to bring your own alcoholic beverages into the park, and possession or use of illegal substances is strictly prohibited. Entry to The Park will be refused to a guest who is in possession of alcohol or illegal substances, or is, or appears to be, under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Any guest in possession of, using, or appears to be under the influence of, any illegal substance will be refused entry to The Park or removed from The Park with no right to a refund.
  • You may only purchase and consume alcohol at the licensed venues and allocated spaces in The Park.  Any persons wanting to purchase age restricted alcoholic drinks must provide a valid UK Passport and/or Driving License which has the named and photographed person buying the drink/s. We have a strict challenge 25 policy.
  • The Park is entitled in its absolute discretion to refuse entry, or remove from The Park, without any right to a refund, any person whose behaviour is impacting on, or is likely to impact on, the enjoyment and/or safety of any other guest or member of staff at The Park. Where any such guest is part of a group of guests, The Park reserves the right to refuse entrance to, or remove from The Park, the entire group without refund.     
  • From time to time certain areas of the Park may be prohibited to guests. You are not permitted to enter or attempt to enter any such area of The Park. You are not permitted at any time to climb or stand on any fences or barriers, walls, exhibits or restricted areas of rides.
  • The Park has the right to prosecute any individual who damages or defaces any part of The Park.
  • At The Park’s discretion, future access to the park may be denied to any guest who has previously been denied entry or escorted from the park.


  • In order to maximise our guests enjoyment we endeavour to make available for use as many attractions as possible at all times. However, this may not always be possible and we reserve the right to alter or close any attraction or ride in The Park, or alter opening times and days, without prior notice and will not be liable for any refunds or compensation for loss of enjoyment.
  • Some of The Park’s infrastructure is designed for external events and seasonal events only and will not be open year round. No refund or compensation will be given due to guests’ confusion or misunderstanding of what aspects of the park are operating at different times throughout the year, although great care is taken to ensure our websites and event listings are up to date with correct information. The Park also reserves the right to change, alter or remove event listings and character appearances without notice.
  • The Park may, in its sole discretion, close the whole or any part of The Park or limit the number of guests entering The Park. The reason for such closure or restriction may include (but is not limited to) over-capacity, bad weather, a technical failure (including the failure or interruption of any utility service or any non-performance by a subcontractor), a special event, or any other reason where The Park considers it necessary. No refund, partial refund or compensation will be given for any such closure or restricted access to The Park.
  • For tickets purchased in advance, if the whole of Wheelgate Park is closed for any of the reasons set out above, Wheelgate Park may in its discretion offer replacements for entrance to the park on an alternative date.


  • The Park’s rides and attractions may have restrictions in place for the comfort and safety of our guests. We recommend that you do not ride any attractions whilst pregnant.
  • BALPPA member parks welcome visits by disabled people and will everything possible to ensure a safe and pleasurable visit. However, certain rides and attractions in our parks can be physically demanding and vigorous. We therefore reserve the right to refuse access to certain rides should we feel there is a danger to a particular individual or individuals any reason whatsoever. We have been advised by the Health & Safety Executive that refusal on grounds of health and safety does not constitute discrimination. We do hope that you can understand and accept the decisions made in the interests of your safety.
  • Unfortunately not all rides are suitable for all visitors and each has strict operating requirements which our staff have to follow for health and safety reasons. Please do not ask staff to break these rules – they are there for YOUR safety and for the safety of OTHERS. Your safety is our principal concern, and consequently we reserves the right to refuse access to a ride if we feel that your safety or the safety of others may be at risk.
  • Although care has been taken to ensure grounds and pathways are accessible, our rural location and historic farm grounds do mean we have uneven pathways, rough terrain and hard grounds (including the car park). Please take care whilst walking around at all times. Some wheelchair users may find our terrain unsuitable in some areas.
  • Seasonal attractions such as Santa’s Grotto and Halloween attractions require those entering to be ambulant due to safety evacuation procedures. For avoidance of doubt please contact us prior to your visit if you require information regarding entering these attractions with limited mobility and/or wheelchair user.


  • Pets and animals of any nature are prohibited from entering The Park (including the car park), with the exception of guide dogs, hearing dogs and registered assistance dogs.
  • The Park has zoo/farm attractions. Animals by their very nature can be unpredictable, and although all care has been taken with animals that are on show and that interact with guests at The Park it cannot be guaranteed that animals will not bite and/or carry germs.
  • We promote the healthy use of hand washing facilities; please refer to animal farm guide on farm hygiene rules and practices around the farm. Any failure to comply with rules enforced on signage around the farm area (such as respecting animal welfare practices, no smoking etc.) will result in the removal from The Park without refund.


  • Please be aware that parking at The Park, is at your own risk. We do not accept liability for any loss or damage caused by your use of the car park. The Park does not guarantee the security of any vehicle (including bicycles or other modes of transport) secured or parked at The Park, or for any contents left in any such vehicle. 
  • Parking at The Park is FREE. This is at the Park’s sole discretion and may be changed at any time without prior notice. In no circumstances will vehicles be permitted to remain in The Park outside of The Park’s opening hours.
  • If you wish to park a motor home, camper van, caravan or similar vehicle, you must obtain express prior permission from a senior member of staff at The Park. These vehicles are not permitted in The Park unless such permission has been obtained. The Park retains absolute discretion as to whether such permission is granted.
  • Any breach of these conditions will be deemed to be trespassing, the vehicle will be removed and the owner shall be responsible for all costs and consequences arising as a result of such removal.


  • Photographs/recordings are permitted provided that these are for personal use only, are not used for any commercial or public purpose. Guests must ensure that any photographs/recordings are taken safely and that you give consideration to the safety and enjoyment of other guests.
  • Guests must observe any restrictions in place at The Park in relation to taking photographs/recordings (e.g. photographs/recordings may be restricted on some rides and attractions), and you agree not to deliberately photograph/record any other guest, member of staff or any other individual at The Park without first obtaining permission. The Park is entitled to access and, if necessary, request the deletion of any photographs/recordings which violate the rights of any other guest.
  • Please be aware that The Park, and any authorised party, may from time to time take photographs and/or recordings of guests in The Park. Any rights (including but not limited to copyright) in the photographs or recordings belong to The Park or any such authorised party, as agreed. By entering The Park and accepting these Terms you agree that The Park, or any authorised party, has the right to use any such photographs and recordings for any purpose whatsoever, including in publicly available promotional material.


  • The Park does not in any circumstances accept any responsibility for any direct, indirect or consequential loss and/or damage suffered by you (including but not limited to any loss or damage to belongings, any inconvenience, stress, or loss of enjoyment) as a result of your failure to comply with these Terms, the exercise of The Park’s rights under these Terms, or any event outside of The Park’s control. This does not affect your statutory rights or any liability of The Park which cannot be excluded by law.


  • These Terms and any dispute or claim (including non-contractual disputes or claims) arising out of or in connection with it or its subject matter or formation shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England and Wales.