The Tropical Zone

Packed with hot action and old fashioned fun this zone is not to be missed. There is something here for every member of the family.

Hurricane Plane

Grandpa will be proud to show off the replica of an old fighter who helped win the world war. Imagine flying over the enemy with tracer bullets fling past and search lights seeking you in the dark. Imagine being the gunnerin the cramped tail turret blasting the cannons and a fighter trying to shoot you down. Brave men flew the small, uncomfortable aircraft for hours on end.

Alpaca Pen

You don’t have to travel all the way to the mountains of South America to meet these cuddly friends with their even more cuddly coat. Cousins of the camel, their noses held high as if there is a bad smell, they are sure to make you all laugh. But beware they can spit if they think you are bringing the bad smell.

Totally Tropical House

A real haven of quiet away from the hurly burly of the whizzing rides, expect to feel the heat when you enter this tropical paradise. Exotic flowers bloom, golden Carp swim in the warm streams and waterfalls as you walk the lush pathways.

Python Pizza Cafe Mini Jungle Indoor Play Under 5’s Play Area

An ideal indoor play centre for little monkeys . They can swing, climb and slide their way through the jungle away from the hassle of big brother. Balancing on nets, shinning up towers and swinging above Mum’s head will keep them happily occupied for ages.

Feeling peckish after all of that excitement? Why not try out our tasty Pizza Menu served just next door, along with other snacks, treats and beverages.

Mini Pirate Ship

Ooh! Me Hearties! Its all board this stormy ride. Sit at the end of the ship to get maximum scares, you will need to hold on tight as you soar up and hang onto your breakfast as you sweep back down. It’s the ride that will have coming back for more .

Model Railway

Spend time watching this little masterpiece of miniature steam magic. Trains are puffing under mountains, rattling over viaducts and flashing past little folks waiting at the station. Share this with Grandad, he’ll love it.

Senior/Mini Pedal Karts

Race your Friends around our Kart track, with twist and turns you will surely have to pedal fast to beat your friends.

Jungle Critters

Take your friends on this ride with yourself and sit in Zebra or a Lion and let it take you for a spin.

Jungle Bounce-About

Like jumping up and down, now you can practice all those animal moves you know in this safe environment.