Land Of The Pharaohs Zone

Encounter the Gods of ancient Egypt as you explore giant slides, ball pools, rope swings and towers, all contained in the 20,000 sq ft play center.

Indoor action for all ages. Outdoors there are even more astonishing attractions for the family to share.

Pharaoh’s Funerdrome

Big kids and small kids make straight for this enormous play barn packed with all the action and soft play a family needs for hours of fun.  Climb towers, speed down multi slides and jump in ball pools, balance your way round this vast kingdom. Little ones love to explore the Camel’s Oasis with all its magical mini adventures, where they can find puzzles to solve, rockers to ride, stairs to climb and enough slides to keep them happy for hours.

(Socks are required for this attraction)

Hexo Hedge Maze

Have fun losing yourself in this marvellous maze with its shady green hedges. You are sure to become lost along it’s winding paths with tricky twists and turns sending your family in the wrong direction. Find the big green in the middle and then have more fun  finding your way out. You have been warned, can you accept the challenge?

Play safe and bouncy on these fantastic trampolines. Bounce high, turn somersaults and fly like an Olympic champion to get the best fun out of these major fun bouncers.

This is easy peasy for little folks who want to try finding their way round their first maze. Mum and big brothers can have equal fun keeping to the narrow yellow brick road of this teaser. Really it is based on the ancient maze found in the French Cathedral of Chatre but it is equally as much fun today.