Animal Adventure Zone

Take a break from the action and head over to the Animal Adventure Zone, the East Midlands No1 Family Farm

Take a break from the action and head over to the Animal Adventure Zone, the East Midlands No1 Family Farm. With over 10,000sq ft undercover you can enjoy close encounters of the furry kind with hundreds of creatures in the dry. Outdoors there are paddocks of friendly animals to see. Don’t miss the goat mountain and the climbing Billies. With activities running throughout the day, there is something for all the family.

 The Big Red Barn

Here are all your favourite farm animals. There are plenty of cheeky goats, cute ponies and pretty pigs to entertain all the family. Watch for the arrival of all the new babies that everyone loves. Save time for Dennis the Donkey (he gets sad when she’s passed by) and her little friend.

 Reptile House

Expect the unexpected here with reptiles that slither, crawl & swim. You’ll meet crushing Pythons, toothy carnivores and quick sliver lizards.  There are so many different animal adventures at Robin Hoods Wheelgate.

Baby Animal Barn

Its Ahh time for all the family when you see these cute pets in their large comfy homes. There are not only rabbits of every size and colour, and guinea pigs with long coats but surprises that you never expected to see in a farm.

Handling the Animals Time

How can you pick up and hold a rabbit without hurting it? What is the best way of handling a guinea pig without stressing it out? Our friendly Robin Hoods Wheelgate Keepers are experts who will show you how to look after your pets and the best way to hold a strange creature. The Keepers are sure to bring along a surprise or two for you to touch and enjoy.
Please collect an activities hand out from admissions.

Animals can carry bugs and germs, follow our simple Farm Hygiene rules and have an awesome time at Wheelgate Park!

Activities include:
Lamb Feeding – Seasonal.  Help our farm keepers bottle feed our orphan lambs.
Bugs and Stuff – Dare you put your hands out to one of our giant millepede’s or a slimy African land snail?
Meet the baby animals – We have lots of cuddly baby animals from rabbits to guinea pigs waiting for lots of cuddles.
Meet the reptiles – For all the reptile lover out there.  Find out more about our snakes and lizards and maybe even hold one.

Check out our Animal Activity times for Weekdays (term time) & Weekends/School Holidays below!

Check out the latest Activity Timetables here